It's not the time of my life
A year ago Ernella, Albert and their 10 year old daughter Laura left the country for a better life. They could not get along in Scotland so they came back. In the middle of the night they turn up at Eszter's, the sister's of Enella. Eszter, her husband Farkas and their 5 year old son Bruno live in better circumstances than Ernella's who struggle with serious financial problems. The two families have never been in real harmony with each other. Only Eszter's can feel that. Ernealla's love to be at Eszter's. Although they can't agree on anything. The question is that how the two families able to bear each other at Eszter's sublet and how long?
Release year
Szabolcs Hajdu
Lujza Hajdu
Zsigmond Hajdu
Imre Gelányi
Domokos Szabó
Duration 81 min. | Countries Hungary | Languages Hungarian | Subtitles Lithuanian
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