The Balcony

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The Balcony
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„Falling out of a balcony and scratching a chin or swallowing a fishbone – doesn’t hurt, but it hurts to love.“ An undistinguished province town of the 80’s. After parents’ divorce, 11-year-old Rolanas and his dad move in next door to same-aged Emilija. Friendship is born between the kids, however, shyness or fear of opening-up makes them communicate through the wall, sitting in their own balconies, o through a socket connecting their flats. Emilija’s parents also appear to be on the verge of divorce. The children discover common topics, activities. Unfortunately, a nearly tragic accident prevents Emilija to go to the balcony. This encourages both children to set out for a “real” date.
Release year
Giedre Beinoriute
Irmantas Bacelis
Elzbieta Degutyte
Rolandas Kazlas
Viktorija Kuodyte
Saule Rasimaite
Duration 48 min. | Countries Lithuania | Languages Lithuanian | Subtitles English
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